Clouds at night

Avery didn’t deserve what I did to him

He gave me his heart

As we rode down the canyon on longboards.

While we climbed over cliffs with glow sticks around our necks.

When we laid on a blanket, watching the clouds fill the night sky

He Handed it to me, begging me not to break it

And I took it.

I promised something I couldn’t.

I promised to give him mine

But when I took it out of my chest, it broke into a million pieces.

Just crumbled in my hand.

And to hide that my heart was broken, I stole Avery’s.

And ran away.

Avery didn’t deserve what I did to him.

And I don’t think I will ever forgive myself either.

So it only hurt a little when he saw me and turned the other way today.


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