What if never

It doesn’t work the same anymore

You broke my heart

I can feel it beating, feel the blood pulsing through my veins

But I can’t feel anything at all

I’m not sure if it’s even there

I’m empty



And what if you broke my heart so much that it never works again

And it’s not fair

Because the minute I think I can use it again, the space it used to take up just hurts even more

Not fair that I have to break others hearts cuz I can’t fix my own

Because you broke it beyond repair

And what if I can never love again?


One thought on “What if never

  1. It breaks my heart
    To know your pain
    You’ve broke apart
    From all the strain

    I dearly wish I had the words to reassure you that it will stop hurting soon, but time is the only thing that can truly soothe this pain.


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