Poems from my notebook

Why do we wonder what others are thinking when thoughts aren’t clear in our OWN mind?

Breathing is keeping me alive but every breath is bringing me closer to death.

Starry nights alone. Running away from crowds and sounds in search of silence.

The way your eyes light up when you see me make the butterflies in my stomach start to dance.

Thoughts flying around my head at night make the bedroom ceiling more interesting from time to time.

As your smile spreads your day lightens.

Killing my pen with every word but healing me with every syllable.

Shyness is injected into me when I see you walk in.

Writing grabs emotions and lets them fill the page.

Under the stars is safe with you.

What if I break your heart? And we never get to say goodbye?

The unknown of tomorrow makes my head hurt at night.

Why did I have a dream about him again last night?


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