You’re everywhere


The dinner for the night you don’t have time to think about anything else so you throw everything in your fridge in the bowl. The taste of food doesn’t matter today.

But then the kids come running in

And you aren’t following behind them

With your usually perfect hair skewed all across your head

And the dance in the kitchen doesn’t feel the same without you doing your same move over and over again

I took out the trash

I hadn’t even realized you did that every time you walked through the door

And crying is a driving hazard

But I see your face every time a Ford raptor drives by

And the worst part is I can’t tell you that tears fell down my face five time today

Because you are doing a good thing

But you don’t know that I am listening to totally different music to get you out of my head

And I need to be strong

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t loved like I had

Because even though you’re gone,

You’re everywhere


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