Flowers keep growing, even when it kills them.

Each of us are breathing our way to the grave with our name carved on top.

Years pass by in seconds near the end but days pass by in minutes.

Time is a funny thing.

How do we know how much is left?

What if she had died that night?

Flowers are beautiful while they bloom receiving smiles and grins.

The last breath is what kills us we think, but what about everyone leading up to that point?

What about all this seconds we wasted?

Holding onto that grudge.

Wanting them to be wrong.

What about those years we we let the problem stand in front of the person?

Because all of us will die.

But flowers get tossed in the trash when the people who loved them can’t forget how they slowly wilted.

We will all sit under a grave.

So don’t kill yourself today.

Don’t let that problem sit in front of you

One more second

One more year

One more lifetime.

Because when we lie down for the last time,

We will wish that we had shoved those problems aside and wrapped those we loved in a hug.

Stopping time.



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